DUNKERQUE (Oct.2, 1935)
(Dec. 12, 1936)

Displacement: 26,500 tons standart
Complement: 1,431
Length: (w.l.) 686; (o.a.) 702 feet.
Beam: 101,75 feet.
Draught: 28 feet (mean).
8-13 inch.
16-5,1 inch (dual purpose)
4-47 mm.
8-37 mm. AA.
32-13 mm. AA.
Aircraft: 4, with 1 catapult (on q.d.).
14" C.T.
14" Turrets.
9"-11" Side (at w.l.).
7" do. (at main deck).
1,5" Longitudinal Torpedo Bulkhead.
Protective Decks:
5" Upper
2" Lower
(Total weight of armour, over 10,000 tons)
Machinery: Parsons Geared Turbines. S.H.P.: 100,000=29,5 kts. (trials, 136,900=31,5).
Radius: 7500 miles at 15 kts. 6 Indret boilers.




Laid down






April 1937





Dec. 1938

General Notes.- These two ships are to replace the France (lost in 1922) and the Océan. Cost approximately Frcs. 700,000,000 each. Modelled on the Nelson, the quadruple turrets were finally adopted after a variety of other gun dispositions had been considered, this grouping are widely separated to localise the effects of shell fire and reduce blast on the tower when trained abaft the beam. Bridge structure is also modelled on that of Nelson. It includes a previous capital ship. A feature which does not show in illustrations is the extraordinary height between decks.
Dunkerque was built in dry dock. Being too long for the dock, the stem piece was constructed separately and attached to hull after floating out.
The construction of Strasbourg, although nominally by Penhoët, was shared by Ch. Loire.
Gunnery Notes.- 13 inch guns fire projectiles of 1,200 lbs. Weight. Rate of fire 3 rounds a minute. All-round loading position. Elevation 35°. 5,1 inch guns can fire with extreme elevation and are said to have an average rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute and a range of 11,000 yards when so discharged.
Distinctive features.- Dunkerque has 2 white bands around funnel, Strasbourg only 1 band.
Special notes.- Dunderque was heavily shelled, set on fire and beached at Mers-el-Kebir on July 3, 1940; and on July 6 she was torpedoed by British naval aircraft. Early in 1942 she was taken to Toulon to be refitted.
Strasbourg was torpedoed by a British naval aircraft on July 3, 1940, but was able to proceed to Toulon under her own power. On Nov. 27, 1942, Strasbourg was scuttled in shallow water at that port, and Dunkerque flooded and otherwise damaged in dry dock.