REPULSE (8th January, 1916)

Displacement: 32,000 tons (36,800 - 37,400 full load).
Complement: 1181/1205
Length: (p.p.) 750 feet. (o.a. 794 feet 2 1/2)
Beam: 102 2/3 feet
Draught: feet (mean), 31 3/4 feet (max.)
6 - 15 inch, 42 cal.
15 - 4 inch, 40 cal.
4 - 4 inch AA.
4 - 3 pdr.
1 - 12 pdr. Field
5 M.G.
10 Lewis
Torpedo tubes (21 inch): 2 submerged , 8 above water in pairs
Machinery: Brown-Curtis (direct drive) turbines. 4 screws. Boilers: 42 Babcock & Wilcox. Designed H.P. not exactly specified, but expected to be 110,000 to 120,000 S.H.P. for 30 kts. In service, S.H.P. 112,000 = about 31,5 kts. Fuel (oil only): 1000 tons normal; Repulse 4243 tons maximum. Radius of action, about 3,650 miles. Tactical diameter: 4 1/3 times length.

Armour (K.C.):
9" - 6" Side (amidships)
6" - 4" Side (within bow)
3" (stern)
4" Fore b'lkh'd
1 1/2" Upper belt
7" - 4" Barbettes
11" - 7" Gunhouses
1 1/2" Funnel uptakes
2" C.T. base (3" tube within)….
10" C.T.
6" Sighting hood over C.T.
3" Torpedo C.T.

Armour (H.T.):
1 1/2" - 1/2" Fo'xle
7/16" - 1 1/2" Upper
3" - 3/4" Main (2"slopes)
2 1/2" Bow (lower)
3 1/2" - 3" Stern (lower)

3" C.T. and hood
1 1/2" Torpedo C.T

Special protection: Modified bulges

Notes to plan: Now have range-finders mounted on turrets and additional control top at foremast head. Renown is without main deck 6" side armour.




Laid down






Jan. 25, 1915

Aug, 1916


Gunnery Notes. - 15-inch have range only limited by maximum visibility and Director tower is under control tower on foremast. 4 inch triples have 2 director towers, and all guns can be worked from either tower or half the 4-inch from one tower. If towers are destroyed, 4-inch can work independently. 4-inch triples are clumsy and not liked. They are not mounted in one sleeve: have separate breech mechanism: gun crew of 23 to each triple. It is said that first salvo fired by forward 15-inch of Renown did considerable damage forward, , and she had to be docked for repairs.
Torpedo Notes. - Repulse, on 1919 re-fit, had 8 above water tubes in 4 twin mountings fitted on main deck above sections 19 and 23.
Armour Notes. - Armouring adapted from Invincible and Indefatigable classes. On re-fit 1919-20, Repulse re-armoured on w.l. with 9" K.C. and 6" K.C. between main and upper decks, extending over sections 8-27 on plans. Belt, about 9 ft. deep.
Engineering Notes. - Turbines similar to Tiger. For rall description, v. "Engineering" April 11th, 1919. Roilers: 250 lbs. Per sq. In. Heating surface: 157,200 sq.ft. Consumption at full speed: about 1400 tons oil fuel per day: at economical speed, about 180 tons per day.
Notes. - Provided for by 1914-15 Navy Estimates: first designed as slightly modified Royal Sovereigns, contracted for on that basis, and begun 1914, but building was not pushed on actively after the outbreak of War. After the Falklands Battle it was decided that these two ships should be re-designed as Battle Cruisers. Outline design was prepared in ten days, and builders received sufficient details by January 21st 1915, to begin building, but full designs were not finished and approved till April, 1915. Intended that they should be completely built in fifteen months, but this time was somewhat exceeded. Both ships have turned out remarkably well and reflect great credit on their designers and builders. Internally they are most spacious, but it has been stated that their guns "shake them up" considerably. Costs: Repulse, GBP 2,627,401; Renown, GBP 3,111,266; but former total is not inclusive of all charges, and is liable to revision. Refits: Renown (1919-20), GBP 100,738; (1921-22) GBP 175,518. Repulse (1918-22) GBP 860,684; which is equivalent to the cost of a new Carlisle type Light Cruiser. Renown re-constructed, 1923-26, with addition of cospicuous bulge; bridge built up abaft fore tripod, as in Revenge; heavy upper control top on foremast and short topmast removed; gaff on main at heel of topmast.